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Department of Electrical Engineering has more than 70 graduates holding Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) qualifications.

Our alumnus are absobed by the workforce quite rapidly with a maximum waiting period of around 9 months after graduation.

Our alumnus work for various fields, include:

  • National telecommunications company e.g. Indosat and Telkomsel.
  • Chevron Pacific Indonesia contracting companies and other oil and gas contracting companies.
  • Manufacturing industries, control, and supplier of power systems and controls.
  • Banks (private and state-owned).
  • ICT companies.
  • State-owned enterprises in Riau and Riau Islands Provinces.
  • Government employess in Government of Riau Province and the Government of some districts, in Riau Province.
  • Lecturers at universities (public and private).
  • High school and vocational school teachers (public and private).
  • Entrepreneurs.
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